TMJ Treatment in Tijuana MX

Watch this video of Dr. Esteban Ramirez in Tijuana, Mexico talking about the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and its problems. He explains the role of cartilage and masticatory muscles which may cause pain, stiffness and contraction of the TMJ.

Video Transcription

“It’s the TMJ in to open the mouth and close the mouth we have to use the joint; uh sometimes we have some problems with the cartilage or the muscles. If the masticatory muscles become really contracted we are going to have pain the TMJ or if we have some kind of uh.. malocclusions you know if you’re not biting in the correct position we can have some problems into the TMJ so the treatments are different, it depends on what kinds of problems we have but we can use a laser for the TMJ, sometimes night-guards or sometimes we can make a surgery to go into the TMJ if the problem is really bad.”

The TMJ Disorder is well explained in this video by the doctor. He also explains the various treatment options that are available to patients who travel to Mexico for dental surgery.

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