Orthognathic Sugery Follow-up Routine – Tijuana Surgeon

In this video an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon describes the follow-up procedure that he follows to make sure that his clients are recovering as desired after orthognathic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. He also advises about post surgery care, precautions and diet to be followed after jaw surgery.

Video Transcription
"We follow the patients by phone or by e-mail, I prefer to follow the patient with uh.. by phone with somebody else because the patient after the surgery has to use some rubber bands to close the mouth to make it in, to put the jaws in a relaxed position so we use rubber bands to close the mouth.

"So the patient is not able to talk in the first weeks but the patient is able to send me some texts or e-mails and we can be in touch by e-mail but somebody can be answering the phone and telling me more about the recovery process of the patient. The recovery process is you know the food has to be blank liquid, liquids bland, actually the patients lose weight."

Here is another video in which the surgeon discusses Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

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