Dental Implant Bone Graft Surgery – Tijuana, Mexico

In this video a leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon gives a brief description of dental bone grafting surgery in Tijuana - Mexico and its application in the lower and upper jaws. He also talks about sinus lift surgery and the recovery period.
Video Transcription
"Bone graft… we have to use some bone, there is different kind of sources of bone; we can take it from the own patient or we can use a cadaver bone to make a good structure for the future implants. Sometimes we have to put the bone graft in the lower jaw or in the upper jaw also but if the sinus is very low, we cannot put an implant in the back area, in the upper maxillary back area so we have to make a sinus lift surgery.
"Those kind of problems, we use bone graft and actually we have to wait around.. sometimes we can put the bone and just wait a few months. It depends on the problem but if we have to make a sinus lift surgery, it’s better to put the bone graft and wait around 7 months until that. He’s going to be in recovery for 3 or 4 weeks then can go back to the normal, to.. to the normal life."

This video provides the viewer with the information on the sources and uses of bone graft in Dental Implantology. It tells about the sinus lift surgery and the recovery time.

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